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We're proud to announce the Crank Juice Box. The battery for all Macs, PCs, prosumer cameras, & mobile devices. The Crank is even powerful enough to jumpstart your car.

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Included In Your Crank Kit

Every Crank kit comes fully loaded. It includes all the cables you need to charge your mobile devices, computers, USB gadgets, and even jump start your car.

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For Mobile

Charge all of your mobile devices with Crank. Crank is a must have and fits easily into your bag to keep your business & adventures going on the road.

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Our Kickstarter was a success and we have now received shipments and are fulfilling orders. 

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  • Jumpstart Your Car

    The Crank Juice Box is a compact battery packed with a massive 18,000 mAh battery for all your devices and with enough power to jump start your car.

  • Power All Phones

    The Crank charges your phone faster than an outlet and is ready for Apple, Android, Google, and anything else. Plus it comes with all the cables you need.

  • For The Content Creator

    The Crank is built for creative content makers. The Crank can even charge cameras like the Canon C100, Sony FS5, Go-Pro, DJI products and charge the tablets you need to operate them all.