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CRANK is a tool and equipment manufacturer that specializes in developing tools for professional technicians as well as cultivating new trends in gear that can be shared with other industries. 


We are a private family owned and operated company with over a half century experience in developing tools and equipment for the professional technician.  

We have contributed to the design, manufacturing, sourcing and consulting for industry leaders such as LINCOLN, OTC, Snap-on, Matco, ATD, Cornwell and many more.  


We are setting out to create a lifestyle brand of professional grade tools and equipment. We believe the current offering is not current enough.  We plan to use our expertise in providing for our serious clients and making readily available products that can be used, abused and also appreciated by everyone.

Stay tuned for the next generations of gear to come from CRANK.

Proudly located in St. Louis, MO. USA.

E | sales(at)cranktools(dot)com
A | 6614 Clayton Road #377, St Louis MO